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OUR CREW approaches your project with 100 years of combined practice in canvas, metal, and upholstery. 

If we have not seen and solved your situation before, we have resources that reach even deeper... and we have something else... that spark of intuition and confidence that comes along with experience!  Some of the boats you own have had elements designed by one of us right from her maiden voyage.

That's experience you can trust and so you come away with a NEW LOOK and practical "USABILITY"!

Take your time and tell us what you want to achieve because the more we know about how you like to use your boat and what you want to get out of the season, the better equipped we are to bring your project to the dramatic conclusion you envision!

Whether your goal is just fresh colors, more shade or better protection from the elements, we will listen first and share our ideas afterward.

Two other concepts drive our ambitions...

FIRST: The benefit of a well thought out design remains long after the savings of a poorly planned project have been forgotten.  

LAST: CLC&U shall do good work at a profit if we can; at a loss if we must;

                             BUT ALWAYS, we shall do good work!

Core Values


Your safety
comes first

      It's easy to trip on a boat. Design elements must consider look as well as usability.

How will your isinglass be secured when someone is passing through to grab a line or stow a bow cushion? What will they step onto or off of? 

That "someone", more often than not, is someone you love!  Let's not allow poor planning to trip them up!

Professional & reliable team of experts

    Someone at Chickamauga Lake Canvas & Upholstery llc always has the shop phone number ringing through to their cell phone.  It's like you have  us right in your pocket, when you need us.  IF we happen to be hanging off the side of a boat at the very moment you call, it will be our priority to get back to you as soon as we are on Terra Firma... the more Firma, the less Terra!

State of the art

notions & equipment

     The pace of change is so slow in upholstery & canvas fabrication  that some technicians don't give a thought to new ideas. EXAMPLE:  Sunbrella canvas is rated to last 10 years in the Florida sun, while industry standard v92 bonded polyester thread is rated to last just 5 years@ $54/spool for 4,350 yards. PTFE LIFETIME thread costs $297/ spool for 3,825 yards...

Which would you like us to use? 

Personalised service with service record

     Chickamauga Lake Canvas & Upholstery llc keeps meticulous records of the products and services used on your project. If "matching" a boat-builder's proprietary vinyl is going to wax you into a corner later, CLC&U will give you a heads up and will plan for inevitable future issues by recording all the choices you have made while planning your project

customer service

     CLC&U is oriented towards serving your needs the best way  we know how. SOMETIMES  that means that our recommendation will be different than what you expected or preferred.  You can count on us to do two things.  FIRSTLY: We will share what we have found to be "best practice". LASTLY:  We will do the job the way you prefer. Why?  Because the boatowner is always right at CLC&U

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