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Our Services

(well... so far we've just listed a few)

Our most popular service so far in 2024?
"Sew-Over & Cut-Out"!

Is your isinglass getting hard to see through? Cloudy? Scratched? Burnt brown? Starting to crack? How about the canvas? 

Typically the thread gives way before the canvas... (you can read about the fact that we prefer lifetime PTFE thread over polyester) ANYHOW

If the canvas is clean and "sound", you might be a candidate to have fresh Visiline Extruded Clear Vinyl REPLACE the existing old vinyl. Then we cut out the old vinyl.

This is not a permanent fix... but it kicks the can down the road for a few years.  Why not have us out to assess whether your boat is a candidate for our more popular service so far this year...?

Stnlss Steel Bimini Frames

CLC&U is fortunate to have Neil, our Man of  Steel, since  2021.  Neil has decades of experience bending metal, often with his bare hands...

LOOK! Up on that boat!  It's a bird!  

It's a crane!  It's SUPER-NEIL!

Canvas Bimini Fabrication

We usually pattern the new bimini directly from the steel frame.   Adding zippers for an extension to your existing bimini a routine project, too

Marine Vinyl Reupholstery

We are very happy to be adding new blood to our Upholstery unit.  Laken Rowland has what it takes to produce TOP QUALITY upholstery, with a fresh perspective! 

Whole Boat Covers

Over windshield? Snap near the rub rail? Ratchet cinch? Two piece? Trailerable? You get the picture... CLC&U is happy to pattern a whole cover from scratch or to modify your  existing cover to account for new elements you've added.

Tilt-Up Bow Pads

We shape our Tilt-Up Bow Pads to your boat's detentions.  Designed by Bob Wilcox, who has designed upholstery for SeaRay in his career, our TIlt-Ups have been one of the best received products we make.  Typically, they zip to keder track so they stay on your boat!

Canvas Boat Enclosures

New Canvas or Stamoid enclosures enhance your space and protect you from the elements when boating.  Where possible, we create "flip-up" panels rather than just "roll-up" smile windows; your choice

Smile, Frown, or Flip-Up;

the boatowner is always right 

Hard Panel Marine5 Polycarbonate Isinglass

The Cadillac of clear boat windows. Polycarbonate can be sewn to the canvas. You know someone who wears polycarbonate glasses! the surface is that optically clear. And  Marine 5 Makrolon is warranteed for 5 years against crazing and yellowing.

Full or Partial Boat Enclosures / aka Curtains

CLC&U makes boat enclosures to

 Economy or Deluxe standards with equal  quality workmanship, it's just that Economy is only framed on the outside; Deluxe is also framed on the inside. Figuring on different qualities of vinyls from soft roll vinyl up to O-Sea or Strata... there is a significant price spread to be found.

Flexible & Pliable Pressed Polished Vinyl Isinglass

Strataglass, O-Sea, Regalite Crystal Clear, pressed polished vinyls as well as softerextruded GlassClear, or Visilite vinyl sheeting. The Pressed and Polished sheets are more rigid because, like plywood, they are many layers whereas extruded is one layer. 

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